Dr. Bhupatindra Narain Jha was born in 1971 in a very religious and well known pious family in village Kaina, Samastipur, Bihar. Dr. BN Jha is the youngest son of Shri Girindra Narain Jha and Smt. Pawan Kumari Devi amongst their three children. His father was a Mining Engineer by profession and a strong devotee of Goddess Durga. His mother was an ardent house-maker who cultivated and gave the right environment for the growth of this unique inborn personality of simplicity, kindness and sympathy by virtue of which, he got fully inclined towards providing support to the needy and the helpless of the society. In July 1994, Dr. Jha tied the holy knot with Kumari Munchunji.

Dr. BN Jha became a combatant member of Indian Air Force in 1989. Although, he oriented himself in the ethos of service and served the Indian Air Force with full dedication and devotion, his heart was always at lay for those who were in a hopeless and unnatural condition. So, while in service, he put in considerable efforts to study about the human body along with Nature & its constituents, which consequently led to M.D. (AM) and Ph.D (AM).

Finally, in order to continue his heart felt goal of “Jan Sewa”, he established the Total Physio Care”, a centre for traditional medicine and alternative therapies in the year 1992. Dr Jha is a super specialist in Acupuncture, Acupressure, Herbal Medicine, Biochemic Medicine, Electro magneto Therapy, Healing, Counselling, Distance Healing, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Psychic Healing, Pranic Healing, Chetna Therapy, Meditation, Kundalini Dyan Yoga etc. His main objective is to disseminate the knowledge and experience gained in the practice of alternative medicines for the benefit of the people at large. Alternative Medicine practitioners at Total Physio Care follow the unique approach to Acupressure postulated by Dr. Jha. This is a combination of different traditional forms of Acupressure techniques with emphasis on the meridians, focused entirely towards the healing of the individual rather than narrowed symptomatic treatment.

Dr. B.N.JHA, Dsc(Ac),

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